The treatment takes longer than standard straightening because it has more stages. Therefore, its price is also higher. The hair’s taffy effect lasts for up to six months. Hair is washed immediately at the time of treatment , so the end result is immediate, not after three days as with standard keratin. There are before-and-after materials available on our website. We invite you to review.

Brazilian hair straightening: What is it?

Brazilian hair straightening is the latest permanent hair straightening technique, an alternative to achieving this effect with keratin. It is a strong hair straightening treatment. It differs from standard keratin straightening. In one visit, the Stylist is able to straighten even very strong curls or afro-locks. The biggest plus of this method is the use of natural products. Brazilian hair straightening – an achievement of nanotechnology. In the Brazilian hair straightening treatment, products that nourish hair cells are used for permanent straightening. The cosmetic formula based on silk proteins, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, argan oil and shea butter moisturizes, promoting hair restoration and preventing frizz. The innovative method is the result of the latest developments in nanotechnology, which, thanks to the high temperature of the straightener, allows the cosmetic ingredients to penetrate into the hair, strengthening its sulfide bridges, that is, regenerating it. As a result, the hair is perfectly smooth, straight and shiny.

What is keratin hair straightening?

Keratin hair straightening is a treatment whose main purpose is to rebuild the structure of entire strands of hair. It also intensively moisturizes and nourishes hair, making it appear more hydrated and stronger. During this procedure, keratin, a natural component of hair, is applied to the hair.

For this reason, this way of straightening hair is much more friendly to its condition than using chemical straighteners. The keratin treatment is recommended for those struggling with dry, brittle, damaged or dull hair. It is also perfect for hair that is difficult to style and tends to frizz.

Keratin hair straightening is a revolutionary method that guarantees smooth, shiny and healthy looking hair for a longer period of time! This reliable treatment relies on the use of a natural protein – keratin – which penetrates the hair structure, rebuilding and smoothing it. This will make your hair more resistant to humidity, eliminating frizz and uncontrollable waves. With keratin hair straightening, you will restore your hair’s shine, health and silky softness, enjoying amazing results for up to several months!

Why choose keratin hair straightening?

Keratin hair straightening has many benefits, such as:

  • Smoothing and reducing frizz: By regenerating hair fibers, they become more resistant to moisture, helping to avoid frizz and unsightly “static” hair.

  • Rebuilding and strengthening hair: Keratin penetrates the hair structure, providing essential nutrients, leading to stronger hair and preventing breakage.

  • Long-lasting effect: The effects of keratin hair straightening can last for up to several months, allowing you to enjoy smooth and shiny hair for a longer period of time.

  • Making styling easier: Keratin straightening makes hair easier to style and manage, saving you time and effort on daily maintenance. Hair usually dries faster.

Price list


  • Short 400-450 zł
  • Medium 470-600 zł
  • Long 650-750 zł
  • B. long 800-900 zł
  • Afro curls 1000-1500 zł


  • Short 250-300 zł
  • Medium 350-450 zł
  • Long 450-550 zł
  • B. long 550-600 zł