The reconstructive procedure using the FIELD is popular in the United States, which has benefited the Kardashian sisters, among others. Its effects last for a long time and rebuild damaged hair molecules. The reconstructive treatment was developed based on the synergy of four products that guarantee the best results-reconstruction and strengthening, as well as shine and hydration. The technology relies on the restoration of peptide, or protein, chains, which are the building blocks of hair. Their disruption causes brittleness and dullness of the hair.

A set of 19 amino acids, which by their structure mimic the natural keratin found in the structure of the hair. This substance contains amino acids of different molecular weights, which rebuild the core, cortex and scales of the hair, respectively. In addition to the aforementioned, reconstruction products contain ingredients that effectively moisturize the hair structure and provide a protective layer. They pamper the hair by adding vitality that comes straight from nature.

Price list
  • Short 200 zł
  • Medium 200 zł
  • Long 250 zł
  • B. long 300 zł