The Tape On method, otherwise known as the sandwich method, is very popular Among screen stars and celebrities. Why? This is because this type of hair extension is Quick, convenient and very impressive. What the sandwich method is and how much it costs “such a pleasure”? The Tape On method involves placing at the hairline itself dopes on silicone transparent tape. This tape is invisible to the naked eye and completely undetectable. Natural strands and attachments translate into change. Such technique became the inspiration for the name sandwich method. Natural dopes are very Lightweight and do not weigh down the hair. They also don’t cause discomfort, pulling and don’t low natural hair. How long does the effect last? How long you will enjoy the effect of extensions, depends primarily on the rate of growth of your hair. The faster grow, the faster the strands will move away from the scalp. But don’t worry! In such The situation only needs to pull up the straps. Depending on the condition of the dopes, using One set can be repeated up to 3-5 times. Important care to Keep the beautiful appearance of the dopes, as long as possible. Use only gentle, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, such as those with argan oil. Also regularly reach for liquid silk. It will make your hair soft and shiny. Remember not to comb the extensions with a traditional comb, but with a special brush, created specifically for hair extensions.

I have short hair. Can they extend them using the sandwich method?

To extend hair using the sandwich method, the hair should reach at least 15 cm (counting from the scalp). This length allows you to achieve a natural effect. Due to the procedure’s low invasiveness, the sandwich method will also be suitable for thin and fine hair. Most salons use strands of: 25 cm, 40 cm and 55 cm. So you can modify your appearance in a subtle or spectacular way, depending on your needs.

Does the Tape On method damage the hair?

According to experts, the sandwich method is the least invasive method of hair extensions. The combination of dopes with natural strands does not require the use of high heat. This eliminates the risk of their weakening or drying out right from the start. The strands can be easily glued and peeled off with transparent tape.

Price list
  • Length 30 cm. from 2100 – 2300 zł
  • 40 cm long. from 2600 – 2800 zł
  • Length 50 cm. from 2900 – 3100 zł
  • 60 cm in length. from 3400 – 3600 zł
  • Pulling + attaching hair extensions 450-600 zł
  • Untangling of tussocks additional service 300-600 zł


The Keratin Nano Bonds method, also known as the mini bonding method, is mainly recommended for clients struggling with oily hair problems. Keratin, which is the main ingredient in this method, is much harder than resin wax, which makes oily hair hold better. However, the seals themselves are not as flexible as with wax, and during application the keratin heating sealer reaches much higher temperatures than with the resin wax method. Keratin methods, under various names, are now the most common in most salons specializing in hair extensions in Poland and around the world, where they are used as a one-size-fits-all method for every hair type, which is not always correct. The above method is recommended, as previously mentioned, for people with hair prone to greasiness, as well as those with short and medium-density hair. However, it is not advisable for very thin, brittle, fragile hair, people with scalp problems or hair loss. Of course, during the consultation, the staff will advise the best method for individual clients’ needs.

How to take care of hair extensions?

Hair extensions require proper care. To wash and condition strands, use shampoos and conditioners designed for damaged and bleached hair, which have strong moisturizing and regenerative properties. Remember to protect the ends of your strands with a silicone serum or oil, especially at night. At night, it is best to sleep with your hair loosely tied up, such as in a braid or bun. Accessories such as a silk turban or pillowcase that protect hair from tangling and mechanical damage while you sleep will also be perfect. This will protect them from the harmful effects of high temperatures, strong winds and other external factors.

Price list
  • Length 40 cm from 2000 zł
  • Length 50 cm from 2200 zł
  • Length 60 cm from 2400 zł
  • Price depends on the amount of hair Pulling 200 – 400 zł
  • Untangling tangles 300 – 600 zł


Would you like longer, thicker hair, but want a natural result? Thanks to the modern method performed “hot”, you can get the hairstyle of your dreams in a few hours. The discreet joints are not only barely visible, but also very durable. We explain how keratin hair extensions work and what else you should know about it!

What does keratin hair extensions involve?

Many people ask us what exactly keratin hair extensions involve. No rings, sleeves or bands are used during this procedure. Instead, special strands tipped with keratin tips are used. The connection between the client’s natural hair and the graft is made with a special welding machine or gun. These devices emit heat to fuse the melting keratin to the hair structure. The temperature used during the treatment is about 180 degrees Celsius, compared to a straightener, which can get as hot as 220 degrees.

Keratin hair extensions have their advantages and disadvantages. While the results are spectacular and long-lasting, this method produces very natural results. The joints are almost invisible and can barely be felt under the fingers. Keratin, as a natural building block, is not invasive; on the contrary, it further nourishes and rebuilds the hair structure. That’s why keratin hair extensions are a great method for people with thin, sparse, fine or damaged hair.

The amount of binder used can be very freely adjusted, allowing you to perfectly adjust the thickness and weight of the strand to suit your individual needs. As a result, various attachments can be successfully used. The joints are flexible, yet extremely durable, and the effect lasts for about 3 months. After that, all you have to do is go to the so-called. correction, or raising the extension.

Removal of keratin welds is possible thanks to a special liquid-remover that does not harm the hair structure. The procedure itself is not painful or unpleasant, and the natural hair may only require a slight trim, but there is absolutely no damage.

The keratin method of hair extensions is deservedly popular, providing a natural effect and the ability to attach a large number of strands. If you’re dreaming of a perfect sheet of hair, invest in the best treatment! Take a look at what PRIVE BEAUTY&HAIR has to offer, and contact us if you have any questions.

Price list
  • Length 40 cm from 2000 zł
  • Length 50 cm from 2200 zł
  • Length 60 cm from 2400 zł
  • Hair pulling with the keratin method 200 – 400 zł

Unruly hair, hair that is not amenable to styling and daily straightening is the bane of many of us. If your Hair tends to frizz or style completely out of your way, then you surely know how time-consuming it is to find a way to make your hair obedient . A treatment that has become a solution to this daily problem for most women is available at PRIVE Hair Gdansk salon. We are, of course, talking about keratin hair straightening.

Abroad it is even called ” Brazilian Blowdry “, because the idea of smoothing hair strands with keratin was born in Brazil. The treatment is designed to tame the inherently thick and unruly hair of Brazilian women, but it soon became apparent that keratin hair straightening was not only dreamed of by Brazilian women. Today, keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular hair care treatments performed in hair salons, including PRIVE Hair Gdansk. Wherein lies its phenomenon?