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Platelet Rich Plasma Gdansk

The secret of celebrity youth or called as” vampire facelift”

You may also find it under the name : PRP 

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What exactly is platelet rich plasma ?

Plasma is the essential fluid component of blood in which the morphotic (cellular) elements are suspended. It makes up about 55% of the blood volume. It is obtained by centrifugation of blood protected against clotting. And why platelet-rich ? Because we take only a part of this plasma which contains the most active components!


How does a treatment with platelet rich plasma look like? 

We put anaesthetic cream on the face, while the skin is anaesthetized, we take blood from the patient (usually about 20-30 ml, depending on the selected area), then placed in a test tube with sepration gel and factors that prevent clotting and placed in a centrifuge, which is set on the appropriate parameters. Remember, that the most common mistake during performing this procedure is using the test-tube without medical certificate (ordinary laboratory test-tubes from which you should not give blood to anyone) or without the gel, where we will not take advantage of the macismum possibilities, because we will not take all the valuable content. After centrifugation we see the yellow or amber content, which is our plasma. We draw it into a syringe and administer it as in needle mesotherapy. Plasma injection lasts depending on the place about 10-35 minutes.

Who performs the treatment with platelet rich plasma ? 

The procedure is performed by a doctor or cosmetologist. Blood is drawn by a doctor or a nurse.

Why is platelet rich plasma treatment unique?

Platelet rich plasma is distinguished by a very rapid release of active compounds and immediate stimulation of skin regeneration and healing processes Platelet rich plasma is distinguished by a very rapid release of active compounds and immediate stimulation of skin regeneration and healing processes. All persons wishing to obtain these effects and looking for a facility where the procedure can be performed are invited to PRIVE Gdańsk.


For whom is platelet rich plasma treatment ?

Indications for performing a vampire lift in Gdansk are:

  • first signs of skin aging: wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dry skin
  • skin without brightness and color, grayish and tired
  • acne scars, stretch marks
  • excessive hair loss and baldness
  • skin discoloration
  • performing laser treatments on the skin, after which platelet rich plasma can be used to accelerate the regenerative processes


What are the benefits of a treatment with platelet rich plasma?

Jedną z największych korzyści jest fakt, że osocze bogatopłytkowe to preparat w pełni biokompatybilny. Z racji autologicznego pochodzenia PRP nie ma więc ryzyka wystąpienia reakcji alergicznej. Ponadto, osocze bogatopłytkowe zawiera czynniki wzrostu, które wykazują wiele korzystnych właściwości. Ich zastosowanie pozwala pobudzić fibroblasty i komórki macierzyste do produkcji kolagenu i elastyny, jak również polepsza jakość połączeń międzykomórkowych oraz poprawia mikrokrążenie w obszarze zabiegowym. W rezultacie, przeprowadzenie kuracji z osoczem bogatopłytkowym wpływa pozytywnie na koloryt, gęstość i jędrność skóry. Z kolei zabiegi wykonywane w okolicach skóry głowy przyczyniają się do wzmocnienia włosów oraz przeciwdziałają ich wypadaniu.  Wykorzystanie to : osocze bogatopłytkowe na twarz, osocze bogatopłytkowe włosy,


What are the contraindications for the performance of treatment with platelet rich plasma?

  • Blood diseases
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Taking medications that prolong bleeding time (such as aspirin, warfarin)


Recommendations after PRP plasma treatment 

Because platelet rich plasma is an injectable treatment, after the procedure you should avoid bacterial clusters, including contact with animals, try not to touch your skin excessively, and at home prepare a fresh pillowcase for sleeping. After the visit to the office it is recommended not to expose the treated area to sunlight – until the area is completely healed. It is advisable to use UV filters (for 4 weeks after the treatment). Moreover, for the period of about 3-5 days after the visit, sauna, swimming pool and excessive physical activity should be abandoned. In case of possible skin irritations, preparations with aloe vera may be applied in order to soothe them. If minor bruises appear, preparations with arnica are recommended. Do you have any questions?


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