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PRX-T33 is one of the latest and most effective skin treatment! It is non invasive and visible results from the first procedure thanks to its unique formula based on TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) and H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

PRX- T33 is rubbed into the clean skin afterwards it is washed off and moisturiser is applied. In the following 3 days a special cream provided as part of your treatment will have to be applied.

With the protection of H2O2, TCA bypasses the epithelium (hence no pain or peeling) penetrates the skin and causes the release of growth factors. Growth factors then commence the healing process which helps to minimises lines, tightens skin, reduces scars and rejuvenates the dermis.
– No needles
– No pain
– No downtime
– Suitable in Summer

PRX T33 may help with:
– Enhancing the radiance and luminosity of the skin
– Enlarged pores
– Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
– Reducing recent scarring
– Making red stretch marks fade
– Making crepey skin fuller
– Removing age spots (melasma)
– Crepey Skin on face neck or décolleté
– Upper arms skin tightening
– Red Stretch Marks
– Hand enhancement


PRX-T33 works best with 3 or 6 sessions (depending on the skin condition) performed on a weekly basis. The results is long lasting and could last for about a year.

Regarding hair growth PRX-T-33 get greater results when applied 8 hours before PRP procedure. We also offer this combination if interested.

Time: 30 min



Face / Cleavage

1 treatmnt

299 zł

3 treatments set

897 zł790 złsave 107 zł


1 treatment

250 zł

3 treatments set

750 zł660 złsave 90 zł


1 treatment

219 zł

3 treatments set

657 zł578 złsave 79 zł

*By purchasing a set of treatments you will receive a voucher to be used for: laser hair removal, photorejuvenation, Cavi Lipo Dex in 3 treatments set, in the amount of 100 zł.

Not sure is this is the right treatment for you? Please contact us or book a free consultation visit