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Hydrogen cleansing treatment makes facial complexion look smooth, rested and radiant. Hydrogen fights free radicals harmful to the skin, and because its molecules are very small, it easily penetrates skin tissues. Not only does it fight harmful inorganic compounds, but it also cleanses pores, removes blemishes, helps treat inflammation and counteracts the first signs of skin aging. In addition, this treatment is completely safe and non-invasive, and unlike many others – fast and pleasant. A stream of hydrogen-enriched water is simultaneously injected under pressure and released, keeping the skin dry and ensuring that the hydrogen is delivered to the right tissues.

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Hydrogen facial cleansing involves the introduction of hydrogen molecules under the skin using a jet of water under increased pressure. Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest element found in nature. Due to its small size it can effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis to neutralize free radicals responsible for skin aging. Cleansing is also facilitated by the phenomenon of electroporation, which opens the channels in the skin, facilitating access to its deep layers.

The treatment helps to eliminate skin discoloration, improves its tension and shallows fine wrinkles. It has been proven that hydrogen cleansing also has a beneficial effect on rosacea – it effectively soothes inflammation of the skin. The treatment can be successfully performed in people with very sensitive skin, vascular or prone to excessive sebum secretion. Hydrogen cleansing helps remove blackheads and other impurities from the pores.

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Hydrafacial cleansing treatment

The action of free radicals (RFT) in the context of beauty and maintaining a youthful appearance is discussed and written about a lot, mainly emphasizing their harmful effect on skin condition. It is worth knowing that they are needed in the course of many cellular processes, but with time more and more of them are produced. The excess of RFTs destroys proteins, lipids and nucleic acids in cells and the visible effect is aging skin that loses its firmness, proper color, tension and freshness. Therefore, it is worth choosing a hydrogen cleansing treatment for the face, neck and/or cleavage, because it allows for a deep introduction of microscopic particles of active hydrogen binding free radicals RFT. This in turn leads to the production of beneficial water and oxygen. Thanks to electroporation technology we are dealing here with a non-invasive equivalent of mesotherapy. The use of electrical impulses creates microchannels in the skin, which open the way for individually selected active substances.



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Wodorowy zabieg oczyszczania skóry - wskazania

Jest to zabieg o dość szerokim spektrum zastosowania, polecany zarówno dla kobiet jak i mężczyzn. Można go stosować nawet w przypadku cery trądzikowej, wrażliwej czy naczyniowej. Szczególnie polecany jest w przypadku m.in:

  • oznak przedwczesnego starzenia się skóry,
  • skóry poszarzałej i zmęczonej o nierównym kolorycie,
  • nadmiernego wydzielania sebum w celu uregulowania tego procesu,
  • trądziku, zaskórnikach i rozszerzonych porach,
  • skóra bardzo wrażliwa, nadreaktywna, skłonna do stanów zapalnych.
  • Zabieg wodorowego oczyszczania twarzy może być wykonywany dla każdego rodzaju cery, niezależnie od pory roku. Jest to nie tylko głębokie i skuteczne złuszczanie, ale może być również
  • kompleksowym rytuałem, wstępem do skutecznych zabiegów anti-aging.


hydrafacial face

160 zł

hydrafacial - face, neck, cleavage

200 zł

hydrafacial + electrostimulation - face

280 zł

hydrafacial + electrostimulation - face, neck, cleavage

350 zł