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Diamond Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective treatments to correct the skin tone. The complexion is instantly rejuvenated and refreshed as dead cells are removed, revealing fresh new skin beneath.

The best-in-class Diamond Microdermabrasion system used at PRIVE Beauty is the professional’s choice and is safe, quick and highly effective. A fine grade diamond tipped wand is used to gently polish the skin’s surface while a light suction lifts away dead skin cells, stimulating lymphatic drainage and encouraging new collagen production.*

Diamond Microdermabrasion is also ideal for preparing the skin before more advanced treatments and is often used in conjunction with skin peels or laser rejuvenation therapy for best results.*

The tip of the microdermabrasion wand is made from laser cut diamonds, which glide over the skin to exfoliate the superficial layer. Using a light suction, dead cells are then removed from the skin’s surface, helping to increase circulation and boost new collagen production, which in turn plumps and rejuvenates the skin.*
Each one-hour treatment is complimented by a relaxing face and neck massage and a customised mask for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and total mind and body relaxation.*

This quick and convenient treatment immediately restores smoother, younger-looking skin and is ideal for treating:
– Acne-prone skin
– Fine lines, scars and wrinkles
– Blackheads
– Whiteheads
– Superficial age spots and hyperpigmentation
– Excessive oiliness or dry skin
– Sun damaged and uneven skin tone

The treatment is painless and a course of six, every four to six weeks, is recommended for best results.*



80 zł

Face + neck + cleavage

100 zł

Ampule with the tratment

30 zł

Mask for the treatment

50 zł

Microdermabrasion + ampule + mask

140 zł

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