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Cavitation peeling Gdansk


Cavitation peeling is a cleansing and refreshing procedure that works well for virtually all skin types – especially recommended for sensitive skin or with a tendency to vascular formation. The treatment is a very effective alternative to manual skin cleansing.

peeling kawitacyjny gdansk, peeling kawitacyjny gdansk

What is cavitation peeling?

Cavitation peeling is a non-invasive, no-pain method of deep cleansing of the skin of the face, neckline or back. It is an excellent alternative to manual face cleansing, as well as for advanced cleansing treatments requiring longer skin regeneration. Cavitation peeling is a cocktail treatment, which can be carried out before a special occasion, without the need for recovery.

Advantages and effects of cavitation peeling

  • the treatment is safe and painless
  • causes no side effects
  • suitable for all skin types
  • removes sebum, dead skin cells and blackheads
  • improves the appearance of scars
  • regenerates and deeply exfoliates epidermis
  • unblocks pores
  • improves microcirculation
  • evens out skin tone
  • stimulates collagen production

For whom?

Every person should incorporate exfoliation into their skincare routine, and cavitation peeling is suitable for all skin types. It is an excellent non-invasive cleansing treatment for oily skin and skin prone to blemishes and acne.


Cavitation peeling is characterized by a painless and safe course, which is its undoubted advantage.

  • refreshing the skin cleansing the skin
  • skin brightening
  • micromassage,
  • removal of dead cells,
  • removal of blackheads.
  • Indications: enlarged pores, oily skin,
  • sun-stressed skin that requires regeneration,

acne vulgaris (comedonal, follicular).
Advantages: completely safe, does not cause side effects can be used for all skin types prepares the skin for further cosmetic procedures

cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling – indications for treatment

Cavitation peeling can be performed on any skin type, so it is a universal treatment. Such skin cleansing is ideal for oily, acne-prone, combination, sensitive and vascular skin. Cavitational peeling can also be performed on skin that is breakfast, grayish, lacking color and radiance, as well as affected by sagging and the first wrinkles.

Cavitation peeling treatment should be performed in order to:

– cleaning the skin of blackheads

– removing keratinized epidermis

– normalization of sebum secretion

– improving blood microcirculation

– improve cellular renewal processes in the skin

– skin hydration

– skin smoothing

– skin regeneration

– alleviation of acne lesions

– increasing the skin’s ability to absorb active compounds contained in nutritional preparations

Cavitation peeling Gdansk – a description of the procedure

A cavitation peel treatment takes about a few tens of minutes, and it’s best to attend the treatment without makeup. How does the cavitation peeling work? The step-by-step procedure looks as follows:

– the skin is cleansed of surface impurities

– alcohol-free tonic or saline is applied on the skin

– a special type of spatula is applied to the skin, which emits vibrations of ultrasonic frequency; by changing the position of the spatula, the skin is micromassaged

– cavitation peeling treatment usually ends with the application of a nourishing mask

Cavitation peeling is a painless and pleasant procedure, after the treatment the skin may be slightly red, but this symptom quickly disappears spontaneously.

Cavitation peeling – contraindications

Przeciwwskazaniami do wykonania peelingu kawitacyjnego są przede wszystkim:

– ciąża

– nowotwór

– stymulator serca

– implanty metalowe

– aparat na zęby

– niewydolność krążenia

– stany gorączkowe

Cavitation peeling – the frequency of the treatment

A single performance of cavitation peeling brings a spectacular effect of cleansing and refreshing the skin. However, it is recommended to perform a series of treatments in Gdansk and hope to maintain the effect of a flawlessly cleansed complexion. How often should I perform the cavitation peeling? The best results are obtained by repeating the procedure every 3 – 4 weeks. To maintain the effects it is recommended to perform one treatment a month.

Cavitation peeling – recommendations after the procedure

Zabieg peelingu kawitacyjnego jest procedurą bezpieczną i mało inwazyjną. Na co dzień należy unikać korzystania z basenu, sauny czy opalania. Przez 24 godziny po zabiegu nie należy nakładać na skórę makijażu. Konieczne jest stosowanie filtrów UV przez siedem dni po zabiegu.

Cavitation peeling – price in Gdansk

Prices of Cavitation peeling in Prive are listed below.

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  • removal of dead skin and blackheads
  • closing the pores of the skin
  • control of sebum secretion
  • stimulation of cells to natural health
  • help in treating acne
  • lighten discoloration and pigmentation spots
  • shallow scars
  • prepare the skin for further cosmetic procedures
  • pregnancy
  • heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms
  • pacemaker




110 zł

Face + neck + cleavage

160 zł


160-190 zł

Ampoule with the treatment

40 zł

Mask fot the treatment

50 zł

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